Comstock Park Rocket Football

Flag Football 

Age Range = 4-7 years by September 1st

Grades PreK through 2nd 

(includes team t-shirt) 

Rocket Football

Age - must be 8 years old by September 1st 

Grades 3-6th 

(price does not include jersey or equipment) 

(If you have 1 Rocket Player and 1 Flag Football player, you would pay $80 for Rocket and $45 for Flag) 

Quick Information

$65.00 for flag football players. 

$80.00 for rocket football players.

REGISTRATION is OPEN for fall 2023!!!

Click below and SIGN UP TODAY!!!

Please note, we are working on a new payment system so we will not be accepting payments for a few more weeks. However, once we get our new system up and running, we will contact you via email and/or text with the link to your registration invoice. 


Don't wait till August to start gathering what your player needs; items can often be hard to come by in the fall. For Rocket Football, you will need:

Helmet, chin strap, shoulder pads, padded football pants, cup, mouth guard, practice jersey, and cleats. 

Rocket Football Schedule 

Weeks 1-3

Weeks 4-6

Flag Football Schedule